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Cosmetic Foot Surgery

For more information about Cosmetic Foot Surgery, call Foot Care of Manhattan at 212-564-2331 for an appointment with one of our New York City podiatrists.

Cosmetic foot surgery is plastic surgery performed on a healthy, functional foot simply to make it look better. Reconstructive foot surgery is surgery to a foot that is not functioning properly or that is in pain, such as surgery to correct a bunion, or a deformed toe.

At the Foot Center of Manhattan, our experienced Board Certified Podiatric Physicians perform reconstructive surgery to correct mechanical foot problems while paying particular attention to the cosmetic appearance of the foot. We pay particular attention to the location and size of surgical incisions and use plastic surgical techniques to make the foot function and look better.

The question of whether to perform cosmetic surgery on a healthy well functioning foot is a complex one. Any surgery performed anywhere in the body has inherent risks which may include infection, and poor healing The risks of cosmetic surgery are increased in the foot compared to other areas of the body because of the mechanics of the foot. Your feet have to withstand enormous amounts of pressure even when you are just standing. Each foot is a complex structure, with 26 bones and more than 30 joints, along with tendons, nerves, and skin that all have to interact to allow you to walk or run without pain.

At our office, the decision to perform cosmetic surgery is done on a case by case basis. Our podiatric physicians always outweigh the risks and benefits to performing any foot surgery and will review them individually with you. Call our office at (212)564-2331 to schedule an appointment to determine if cosmetic surgery is right for you.