Article from our friends at Feedbuzz: Foot Problems Related to Work Boots and the Solutions

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Article from our friends at Feedbuzz:                                     Foot Problems Related to Work Boots and the Solutions


A common problem among construction workers is having foot problems caused by their safety footwear such as sore feet. These foot problems extend beyond just the construction industry, as people across all trade industries, from construction to mechanics, complain their safety footwear is uncomfortable and does more harm than good for their feet.
Here are some of the foot problems related to work boots.
Sore Feet and Legs
Given that safety boots are heavier – due to being made from heavy materials such as steel and leather – they can wear down your feet and legs more than regular shoes. The good news is that your body gets used to them over time, and exercising to strengthen your leg muscles helps ease the soreness and pain, possibly eliminating it entirely.
Safety footwear typically has a steel toe and steep plates placed into the instep area. By their nature, work boots aren’t flexible. Wearing incorrectly sized shoes causes the steel plates and the toe to cut into feet, causing chafing. This is very uncomfortable and can leave you unable to stand properly. The chafing usually presents itself as a burning sensation in the feet. For loose fitting boots, this problem can be temporarily solved by putting a soft insert into the heel or insole area of the shoes. The ideal solution, however, is to have boots that fit properly in the first place.
Tight boots can lead to problems like corns, neuromas, calluses, hammertoes, and blisters. These are debilitating conditions for people working on their feet all day. These conditions could be avoided by wearing the right fitting boots. There should be enough room to wiggle your toes from the moment that you buy your work boots.
Wearing tight work boots everyday for long hours can cause bunion development. Tight work boots, especially in the toe box area, can put excess pressure on your toe joints which can eventually lead to protrusion in the big toe joint area. Bunion is a painful condition which can hamper your everyday work and may require surgery to eliminate the problem. Invest in comfortable work boots with big toe box area to avoid such a condition.
How to Avoid Foots Problems caused by Work Boots
It’s important to get the right size boot because poorly fitting shoes blister and chafe feet and can be very painful. The right sized shoes mean a happy and healthy foot.
Find the right size and proper fitting for you by trying a range of boots. Boots that are too small are obviously going to be uncomfortable and painful, but even oversized boots cause problems. Having the right width is also important when choosing shoe sizes.
Other than fitting you should also invest in quality comfortable steel toes because the cheapest boots can cause pain, slows you down, and leads to an overall reduction in productivity.
It’s always better to take precaution than wait for the problem to get aggravated. Contact the podiatrist and get the treatment done if you continuously have foot pain, discomfort or any unusual symptom.




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