EXAMINER.COM- Dr. Pruthi-Tootsie toes: Dr. Oz wears dress to convince women to surrender high heels

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EXAMINER.COM- Dr. Pruthi-Tootsie toes: Dr. Oz wears dress to convince women to surrender high heels

Yes, that is Dr. Oz, helping women choose more comfortable shoes.
Dr. Oz Show





You know it’s premiere week when a world-renowned heart surgeon dresses up as a woman. As part of his September 10 talk show, Dr. Mehmet Oz got in touch with his feminine side and slipped into a sexy woman’s suit to talk with shoe shoppers about the merits of choosing comfortable shoes rather than stylish ones.

Is there something behind that soul-ful gender swap? Well, sort of. Dr. Oz went through this exercise to literally walk his talk in terms of a message about the dangers of high heels for your feet. Damage from high heels ranges from spine concerns to knee aches to bone bruises in your feet (ouch). Bottom line: Go for low (not high) heels for your health.

Dr. Oz expert Rebecca Pruthi, DPM urges women to educate themselves on the different types of foot products to alleviate that pain:

  • Over-the-counter shoe insoles: Although they can ease pain, they don’t change the biomechanics of your foot and tend to wear out quickly.
  • Arch supports: These shoes can support your arches if you have average feet. But if you have high arches or are flat feet, it may not be helpful.
  • Heel cups and foot cushions: Want extra cushioning? These options can help.
  • Custom-molded foot orthotic: Rebecca feels these help dramatically. “This is an individually tailored device placed into the shoe to support, align and correct the function of the foot. Our feet contain 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments — very complex! When shoes do not offer support, tendons and ligaments may strain and we may begin to compensate by altering our gait. Biomechanically, we may no longer walk in a neutral position. This may not only lead to foot problems but may also affect our other joints, including ankles, knees, hips and back. Orthotics are designed specifically for each individual to correct and realign the feet and to provide long-term relief. They are usually made with durable materials that may last for years,” she explained.



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